Gigi The Butterfly

Gigi The ButterflyHello, my name is Gigi, like Jennifer Pickles I too have travelled to lots of places.

I like to meet lots of new people but I always come back home to Three Little Woods to see all my friends and to tell them all of my tales.

I usually stay with Florence in Nan Frans garden. I first came to Three Little Woods as a Caterpillar many years ago, I made my Cocoon down at Dan’s allotment in his Rosemary bush.

Butterflies and Moths have four stages in their lives -The Egg -Larva (Caterpillar) -Pupa (Chrysalis) -Adult fully winged Butterfly or Moth.

Because of our bright colours we like to flutter about in the daylight

This is the equivalent of walking from Lands End to Scotland five times

Gigi says “Butterfly’s love to flutter-by”

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